Summary of Discipline Committee Hearing to Inform Public on Dangerous Veterinarian Practices

31 JANUARY 2013
The College of Veterinarians of Ontario (CVO) protects and serves the public interest through regulating the practice of veterinary medicine.

Summary of Discipline Committee Hearing, a 2012 article published in The College of Veterinarians of Ontario, discusses the misconduct charges of veterinarian and college members Warren Staples and Larry Yelen. The said article aims to inform the public of dangerous veterinarian London Ontario practices and to increase awareness to ensure the public is aware before using the animal hospital of the former.

Staples was alleged of improperly anaesthetizing the cat, improperly monitoring it during surgery and while anaesthetized and of having inadequate records. The veterinarian carried out a neutering surgery on the cat and either during or after the surgical procedure, it sustained deep neurological damage, a result of hypoxia following a cardio-pulmonary arrest. Staples resuscitated the cat, but it was blind and unable to stand.

No one from the veterinarian's hospital advised the client that the cat had complications before the client returned for it. Upon the client's arrival to the hospital home of the alleged, Staples advised him that the cat stopped breathing and was revived after 30 minutes. Later that day, the cat has been brought by the owner to another animal hospital and was euthanized.

Dr Staples has been found guilty of the allegations and was penalized of the following: reprimand, license suspension for two months, three random record reviews, $10,000 payment to the College of Veterinarians of Ontario, publishment of the Summary of Discipline Committee Hearing with Staples' name as per legislation.

On the other hand, Yelen was alleged of inappropriately or inadequately performing tooth extractions from the 10-year old Yorkshire Terrier, performing an improper post-operative examination in that he has failure in examining the capillary refill times and mucous membranes, keeping improper records before, during and after the surgery and providing of improper post-operative home care advice.

The veterinarian pleaded guilty to having engaged in professional veterinarian conduct within failure to uphold the standard of the profession's practice and failure to make or retain the needed records by the Regulation. As a penalty, Yelen was reprimanded, issued a license suspension for 3 months, ordered to complete a remedial coursework in dentistry and paid $2000 to the College of Veterinarians of Ontario. The Summary of Discipline Committee Hearing was also published including his name as per legislation.

It is expected that the Summary of Discipline Committee Hearing will serve as a driving force to its members in practicing their profession with cautiousness and adherence to strict veterinarian standards.

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