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31 JANUARY 2013
For customers looking for complete office coffee solutions, has been supplying finest quality of office coffee supplies and services to the clients in Suffolk County, Nassau County, Brooklyn, Queens, and nearby areas.

January 31, 2013: Going for a coffee break is the most rejuvenating experience for employees as they get to chat with their friends and reenergize themselves by taking a cup of coffee. However, most of the offices do not offer advanced coffee systems with wide beverage choices. Therefore, many employees prefer to go out of the office during the break. For customers who are looking for complete office coffee solutions including coffee systems with gourmet coffee, water and breakroom supplies , Coffee Solutions Group is an industry leader in supplying office coffee solutions in Suffolk County, Nassau County, Brooklyn, Queens, and nearby areas.

Since its inception, Coffee Solutions Group is providing its clients with best and innovative coffee and refreshment programs combined with excellent customer service that sets them apart from other coffee solution suppliers in the market. Whether the size of office is large or small, Coffee Solutions Group offers complete office coffee solutions. The company offers wide range of coffee solutions according to the needs and budget of the customers. Now, all employees can find their favorite blend of coffee and with each sip they can get the rich taste of coffee. Apart from coffee supplies, complete break room supplies such as paper and plastic goods, snacks, sodas, juices and janitorial supplies are also available. Now, combine your break with some healthy snacks which are readily available. The continuous supply of fresh snacks and juices makes the coffee breaks a fun time for everyone.

With an aim to reduce the carbon footprints and conserve the environment, Coffee Solutions Group offers wide range of eco-friendly solutions such as cups, plates, bowls and cleaning supplies. The offices that are environment conscious are looking for environment friendly, can take advantage of wide range of gourmet coffee solutions and break room supplies such as biodegradable cups and plates. Apart from being the coffee experts of New York area, Coffee Solutions Group also provides complete water solutions for small and large offices. All the offices, regardless of the number of employees, need the regular supply of fresh and filtered water at affordable cost. Coffee Solutions Group provides uninterrupted supply of bottled water as well as Point of Use filtration programs that reduces the maintenance cost as well.

For more information on complete office coffee solutions along with water services in Suffolk County, Nassau County, Brooklyn, Queens, and nearby areas, please visit the website today.

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