Paying to get Homework done: Education System Aghast

31 JANUARY 2013
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The current education system is now facing a new wave of unscrupulous ways of getting by easy with more students thronging to pay their way into getting their homework done. The whole education system is aghast that there is nothing that can be done to stop this paying for homework.

However there were a few educationists that seemed to agree that as long as the students get enough time to study and pursue other healthy activities in their curriculum paying for homework is fine. On their part these online pay for homework services claimed that only the best scholars work for them. They claim that they do not propagate cheating in any way and that their services are only for those students and working professionals who simply do not get the time to do other things in life because of the tons of homework piled up in their desk.

There have been reports of students topping the classes because they paid people to do their homework which is why they got plenty of time to study for tests and exams. Nothing has been confirmed of this theory with educationists so far saying that chances of succeeding through paying for homework depends solely on the students themselves. While they are afraid that it might make many students lazy and dependent on others, they seem to be happy for those that take their studies seriously and take the extra time to better themselves up.

One of the bright sides that educationists see in this whole pay for homework thing is that many students can also earn money by doing homework for others and also in the process learn a great deal for themselves. Hence the debate does not seem to be taking any particular direction as to whether paying to get homework done is harmful for students or beneficial for them in any course of time.

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