Quwave Harmonizers Are 100times More Powerful Than Quantum Scalar Energy Bracelets and Pendants

31 JANUARY 2013
Live every day Stress-Free Without EMF Worries Combination Scalar-Wave & Schumann-Resonance Generator.

January 31, 2013 – Emission of Quantum Scalar Energy from QuWave Harmonizer products form a protective field against EMFs and other negative energies. Depression, stress, aggression, hypersensitive, irritation, anxiety, distress, fatigue, insomnia, etc. are some of the most common issues faced by people. These issues are faced more by city and town dwellers. Medications are there but their effectiveness is as much disputed as of other forms of treatment. However, the side-effects of those medications are confirmed and well-known. As a result, people who suffer from any or many such conditions fall into pit which continues to deepen.

The cause of all the issues mentioned and of similar may not be directly related to certain physical disorder. On the other hand, it must be kept in mind that modern medications can treat only physical issues and diseases. It can be logically understood that effects of belief, feelings, thought, etc. are psychological and metaphysical. Thus, they need to be treated accordingly, which is why QuWave Harmonizer products are developed. These products heal by emission of waves of quantum energy that impact psychological features of human beings.

QuWave Harmonizer products are active generators of waves of energy. Not all products sold in the same category are active generators. Most products are passive generators as they do not generate waves that form a filed in the surroundings. Rather, those products impact only the immediate body and therefore, are less effective than QuWave. Active and passive generators can be distinguished on the basis of requirement of power. Frauds and scams apart, there are two types of energy-based products in the market – one that can be worn but do not require any power and the other that can be worn but needs to be charged. This charge is required to activate the product so that it can create a field of energy around the place where it is placed or worn. QuWave harmonisers are based on the latter concept.

Scalar energy field of Tesla waves of dual frequency are produced in the surroundings in the form of radio signals of high frequency by QuWave Harmonizer products In addition to this, scalar energy field resonates with Schumann Resonance that empowers the body to resonate in the frequency, which is 7.83Hz. The natural healing capability of human body gets augmented at this frequency and thus, people feel energetic. The Earth is said to resonate at the frequency of Schumann Resonance which is matched by human body due to harmonisers.

There are Various QuWave products available for various types of requirement. The products are priced $159 onwards and full support and information regarding every aspect of it are provided at the official website.

About QuWave Harmonizer products

Website: http://quwave.com/Harmonizer.html

QuWave Harmonizer products are based on quantum physics. They are designed to allow people to opt for more therapeutic solutions to psychological and metaphysical issues instead getting permanently dependent upon modern medications. The effectiveness of these products is evident from the testimonials of those who use them.