Long Island Roofing Company Battles Hurricanes Sandy Aftermath

31 JANUARY 2013
Hurricane Sandy hit Long Island hard destroying many homes along the south shore of Long Island along with New York City.

Hurricane Sandy hit Long Island hard destroying many homes along the south shore of Long Island along with New York City Staten Island and Jersey Shore. With so much damage not only to the exterior of residential and commercial exteriors but also destroying and even demolishing complete foundations and interiors of homes. There were many heroic and great civilians who took part to rebuild New York right after super storm Sandy especially a few amazing Long Island contractors and Long Island Roofing companies.

Long Island Roofing contractors along with Restoration and flood damage companies had their phones ringing. Insurance companies were bombarded with claims and due to the damage FEMA had to step in as well. Long Island to New Jersey was all under pressure and in distraught. Devastating tragedies emerging from super storm Sandy including lives and homes taken. Gas pumps running out leaving gas lines up to a four hour wait and even longer. Disheveled Long Islanders and New Yorkers need a positive lift and much authority figures like Bon Jovi new this and was even affected by this terrible storm personally coming from the New Jersey area.

With thousands of flood damage, Roof, windows and siding claims put in it put a damper on how fast the work load can be done and the wait for the insurance checks were taking quite some time. One story that had positive attention was about a Long Island Roofing company that gave their genuine time and energy to help repair homes even before insurance companies send out customer checks this way these families can still live in their homes and start putting their lives back together. Severe damages caused so many families to leave their homes and stay with friends and loved ones while they wait for these insurance checks and get their homes rebuilt and livable again. Many New Yorkers never experienced a storm of this capacity and did not believe or prepare for what was coming. Boats, Beaches, cars and roads were also destroyed a mangled by the water and super gusts of winds. Besides all of the physical damage there was just as much emotional damage.

It was a cold week when Sandy hit and not only was Most of New York torn by this storm but also lost electricity which resulted in no heat, no lights and no means to use your everyday house hold electronics to warm and cook food. Long Island roofing contractors and flood damage companies set out to help families in need and to put New Yorkers back together again. LIPA was in the works to put back together electricity all over the Island. Many Long Islanders feel LIPA did not handle the storm well at all.

Don’t let home damage discourage you from starting to re build back up.

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