Quinovic Johnsonville Property Management Reveals Important Tips for Residential Property Managers

30 JANUARY 2013
Free Residential Property Management Guide From Quinovic Johnsonville, Wellington a Premiere Property Management Company.

Quinovic Johnsonville, a premiere property management company in the Wellington metropolitan area recently posted a series of videos on their website that answer many of the questions property managers have when they are dealing with tenants, leases and other topics of interest. Quinovic owners Gerald Prendergast and Helen Schafer have been providing property management in Johnsonville and neighboring suburbs such as Tawa and Churton Park and Khandallah since 2005. Over that time they have come to know the ins and outs of the property management industry and understand the questions and concerns property managers have. Gerald and Helen recently decided to share their knowledge with visitors to their website and answer the pressing questions all property managers have.

The videos are found in the “Tips For Owners” section of the site and each short video clip features either Prendergast or Schafer speaking directly to the viewer and covering a range of topics that answer the questions property managers have. Topics include: “How do I find the bet tenants for my rental property?”, “How do I choose the best Residential Property Manager?”, “How do I maximize the cashflow for my rental property?” and “How do I know my tenancy agreement is protecting me?” There are many other videos that tackle topics such as vacancies between tenancies, how to manage damages and issues with leases.

No matter the topic, viewers of the videos are treated to a thorough examination of the issue and either Prendergast or Schafer answer all the relevant questions and present the information in a friendly and clear way. Much of the information presented in the videos is new to viewers and they may not have thought of the solutions provided to the questions they have asked themselves over and over when dealing with their properties.

Visitors to the site have been very impressed with these videos and have found them incredibly valuable. Naturally, they’re particularly helpful to people looking for information on property management tawa, Johnsonville and the other northern suburbs of Wellington.

To learn more, and to view these helpful clips, visit the Quinovic Johnsonville website at http://quinovicjville.co.nz/ or call 64 4 465 0000.