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26 JANUARY 2013
At Quicken 2013 Store we provide you the best products at the best prices on the web. Take a look at our categories on the left for the widest range available.

January 26, 2013 – Software are developed, produced and released in abundance. It is very difficult to find an appropriate product for a specific need unless the person knows its exact name of course. Quicken 2013 Store provides solution to this problem by the provision of sorted products at the best price online. The website, the layout and the categorisation are all simple, which eliminates complications of online searches. Its association with Amazon is a sign of reliability and genuineness of the online shopping website, at which the products’ categorisation is reflected to the left. Quicken, Quickbook and Turbotax are the 3 categories for which products can be browsed. Besides, all products can be viewed at once too. Search-results under every specific category can further be sorted by customers’ reviews, price, manufacturer and sales for simplification. Besides, visitors can view 20 to 80 products, according to their preference, on the screen at once.

Not only is the provision of Quicken Store but products available at it are efficient and useful too. The Quicken category has various products including Quicken Deluxe 2013, which is useful for personal finance management. Most of the other products suggest their functionality from their names. The Rental Property Manager is for the organisation of rent income and tax deduction, Essential for MAC is specifically for Macintosh products, Starter Edition is for general budget management and Premier 2013 is for in-depth analysis of investment market. All these products are manufactured by Intuit.

Turbo Tax Basic Federal + E-File, Turbo Tax Business Federal + E-File, Turbo Tax Deluxe Federal + E-File, Turbo Tax Home & Business Federal + E-File, Turbo Tax Premier Federal + E-File and Turbo Tax Deluxe + E-File + State are the six products that are available in their 2012 versions. These products are developed by Intuit too. All requirements of organisation, management and tracking can be efficiently met by any of these software, if utilised according the magnitude of the task. In addition to software, there are latest versions of e-books available on 15 financial topics at Quicken. While the software might be helpful, the corresponding products make a topic intuitive and understood.

Since Quicken is based on e-commerce, it maintains high standards of privacy regarding data collected from customers. One part of the assurance comes from the association with Amazon. The remainder is duly mentioned and thus executed by Quicken Store. To get more information click here Cookies are used to enable users to save their selected products during e-commerce formalities. Most importantly, all the policies and statements are transparently mentioned under the terms & conditions of services, which can be read here.

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Quicken is an online store that provides software that serve financial tasks and requirements. The portal provides only authentic and sorted products so that people do not have to search all through the website to find an appropriate product for their need. 30-days validity for refund is also offered by the website.