The Ear Science Institute Australia and Hearing Testing

26 JANUARY 2013
When you lose your eyesight, you lose touch with things. When you lose your hearing, you lose touch with people.
Hearing tests are called audionumetric testing and are required to accurately determine the type of hearing loss and the percentage of loss. This is very important when it comes to determining how the best devices can assist each individual to regain as much hearing as possible. Hearing is quite complex. Sound waves enter the ear, hit the tympanic membrane and then travel on nerves that interpret the vibrations into sound. Damage to any of the nerves, the membranes themselves or any part of the inner ear can result in hearing loss. 

Most people only lose hearing in certain frequency ranges. In fact, it is common for people to lose some of their highest decibel range hearing as they get older. Very high pitches are often heard by children and never heard by their parents at all. This sort of loss rarely results in the need for hearing devices but only a hearing test can determine the actual loss of hearing. 

As with eyesight that gradually gets poor, most people who lose hearing slowly do not have a clue how much they aren't hearing until it is pointed out to them. Fitting with an aid and/or having hearing tests done to show them what they have been missing is normally an awakening for them. There may be some period of denial, especially with the elderly. They may not have any desire to wear hearing aids but they don't realize how much of life they are missing. They also have no idea that new hearing devices are quite small and easy to wear. 

The Ear Science Institute Australia (ESIA) can assist in getting testing done, education of those who would like to learn more about hearing loss, the prevention of hearing loss and what the options for treatment are. For those who are financially unable to afford testing, they are able to direct to places for proper testing and help with devices as well. 

Many younger people who are listening to devices that constantly have music and loud noise directly blasting into the inner ear are going to develop issues later on in their life. ESIA also offers classes that parents can take their youngsters to that will show them how to take better care of their hearing and what hearing loss is like. These seminars and classes are available to everyone and listed on a calendar that ESIA has available at their website. 

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