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25 JANUARY 2013
Bring the Press is a professional and effective Press Release Writing & Distribution service. With a continuous increase in the number of projects and clients, we provide you with the best possible effect.
Press Release distribution is an integral part of every SEO or online marketing campaign. A press release is not only one of the best sources of high quality backlinks for any website, it is also an ideal way to increase the visibility of the site in an exponential manner. Press releases are also very effective in creating awareness amongst the target audience and can also generate large numbers of highly convertible traffic. However, the effectiveness of press release SEO is largely dependent on the quality of the service and reputation of the press release sites to which the PRs are submitted. It can become very difficult for webmasters to conduct their PR campaign on their own because of the complexity involved and so, the better option would be to hire expert Press Release services. is a premium press release service, with an established presence in the SEO services market. Press release SEO is an evolving technique and it is important to maintain current relevance and trends in PR distribution, backlinks sustainability and visibility creation. Bringthepress is one of the more popular PR service providers in the market because of its ability to adapt to the current needs without compromising on the service quality. The services include high gravity PR distribution websites and also offer additional features like backlink tiers for each PR, guaranteed approval of links, detailed reports, video creation, video submissions, etc. The services also come in different cost packages to cater to all types of SEO needs. 

Bringthepress is a reputed services company, which employs fully trained SEO professionals for its services. The company also offers round the clock customer support and a fast turnaround time for service and support redressal. To find out more about the services and to compare the pricing plans, 

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