Press Release Distribution for Search Engine Optimization

25 JANUARY 2013
Bring the Press is a professional and effective Press Release Writing & Distribution service. With a continuous increase in the number of projects and clients, we provide you with the best possible effect.

SEO practices have undergone a sea change in the recent times, primarily because of the spate of Google updates and also because the SEO techniques are ever evolving. One of the few constants in SEO practices has been the usage of Press Release services for backlinks and traffic generation. Press Release distribution has also undergone substantial changes to stay abreast of the updated demands of SEO but the concept by itself has remained unchanged because of its effectiveness. PR SEO is more dependent on quality of services nowadays, instead of the quantity aspect which was the norm till a few months ago. It is important to maintain high standards in the website distribution lists and PR article creation for press Release SEO to yield its complete effects.

The primary benefit of a Press Release service in terms of SEO, is the ability to bring in high quality backlinks to any website. When a PR is submitted to a distribution site, there is an instant backlink created to the main site. Backlinks are the foundations of all SEO campaigns and Press release backlinks are the best in terms of quality and stickability. A raw backlink with no additional “link juice” is by itself rated highly by the search engine algorithms, while calculating the popularity and page rank of the web pages. The PR backlinks are also highly adaptable in terms of value addition and link juice addition. Since the search engines place higher value and authority on these links, fortifying these backlinks can provide exponential SEO benefits for the webmasters.

Also, since these types of backlinks are safe and acceptable in the purview of search engines, it is easy to create an ancillary link structure, link pyramid or link tiers for these PR backlinks- thereby increasing the link juice and link authority in a “search engine friendly” manner. Webmasters who use Press release services are most definitely assured of SERP and search engine visibility benefits. Furthermore, they are also benefitted by the almost instantaneous influx of high quality traffic. PR distribution sites attract a lot of eyeballs and people who visit the main site via the PR backlinks are most likely to be targeted. This type of traffic is not only sustainable but also highly convertible to the webmasters. In the present “post Panda-Penguin” times, PR services have emerged as one of the more reliable SEO practices in the market and are virtually irreplaceable and this trend is likely to continue well into the foreseeable future.

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