Largest Social Media Training Company for Chiropractors Launches Webinar Marketing Blueprint

25 JANUARY 2013
This Proven Webinar Blueprint Gets You DRAMATIC Increases in New Patients and Practice Revenue in as Little as 30 Days.

"Professional social media marketing consultant and chiropractic seminar speaker, Dr. Matthew Loop, has announced the launch of "The Ultimate Webinar Marketing Blueprint for Chiropractors." The revolutionary strategies that Dr. Loop's discovered guarantee DC's a huge competitive edge in getting more website traffic and attracting new patients on virtual autopilot."

Dr. Matthew Loop, who founded the chiropractic professions largest social media training company for doctors wanting to dramatically grow their practices with the internet, has launched a new step-by-step practice-growth system. This groundbreaking Social Media Training for Chiropractors series was developed after years of experimenting, testing, tweaking, and learning how to use webinars most effectively for client acquisition, recognition and sales.

Dr. Loop has personally used these marketing tactics for his own branding and for building an highly profitable online empire. Currently, it's the only A-Z comprehensive webinar success system created for chiropractors by a chiropractor.

From his office in Atlanta, Dr. Loop commented, "This year it's absolutely critical that chiropractors know how to harness the power of webinars online. Times are changing fast and so is the way we connect with consumers and potential new patients. Doctors must evolve their marketing skill-set or they will struggle in the new economy. The Ultimate Webinar Marketing Blueprint reveals how to quickly get more new patients each month without spending money on ineffective traditional advertising."

The Ultimate Webinar Marketing Blueprint for Chiropractors is comprised of 5 powerful sections:

1) Module #1 - The Overview. It doesn’t matter what's being promoted (chiropractic services, coaching, information products, or physical products), doctors walk away from this training a with a success plan for their first teleseminar / webinar event.

2) Module #2 - Creating a Webinar Presentation. This includes everything from the technical set-up of the videos to the specific teleseminar / webinar platforms Dr. Loop personally uses and recommend. The good news is that it’s not as complicated as one would think since technology has improved so much these last couple years. Chiropractors will discover the easiest way to record presentations as well.

3) Module #3 - Pre-Registration Protocols and Maximizing Event Attendance. Knowing how to get people to register in order to maximize teleseminar / webinar attendance is crucial. Dr. Loop covers everything doctors need to know in this section of the course. It’s one thing for people to register, it’s another for them to actually be at the event! Chiropractors learn powerful follow-up and communication strategies here.

4) Module #4 - Advanced Traffic Strategies. One could have the best webinar / teleseminar content on the planet BUT if they cannot flood the events with targeted traffic, it doesn’t matter. Traffic + Conversion = Money! Doctors get to find-out the proven traffic generation methods that are working like crazy now.

5) Module #5 - Post Event Follow-up, Replays, and Automation. Many doctors and professionals experience a frustrating plateau in sales after their teleseminar / event is over. However, those that watch these trainings certainly won’t after finishing this section of the course. Prepare for a substantial surge in post event sales, and patients on demand.

Dr. Loop further stated, “With the internet and social media, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. When a relatively new and effective marketing method comes along if you don’t master its power first some competitor will. Early adopters ALWAYS reap the lions share and generate the most practice revenue. With that in mind, I've mastered the untapped webinar traffic formula and have given it to chiropractors in a simple, easy-to-implement way. Even a second grader to use this system to build a practice."

His passion is helping doctors of all backgrounds serve more patients while creating real, sustainable, and recurring income from the internet like what he has personally done.

Dr. Loop’s long track record of success in helping others prosper has made him one of the most sought after social media consultants in North America. In the chiropractic profession and on Facebook, he's consistently referred to as the "king of social media."

Chiropractors interested in growing their practice by 50% or more in the next few months can visit for more information on Dr. Loop’s "Ultimate Webinar Marketing Blueprint." Doctors can also discover the various ways his company, DCincome, can help super-charge their chiropractic practices and marketing effectiveness by going to his blog at