Orlando Realty Experts now Introduces Short Sale Services

25 JANUARY 2013
The real estate company now starts short sales in Orlando helping homeowners who are behind on payments, who have no equity or facing foreclosure.
Orlando, Florida, Tuesday, January 25, 2013: Orlando Realty Experts, a real estate service provider in the city, is now introducing short sales. They are targeting a certain segment of people who will be benefitted with these Orlando short sales.

The company is arranging short sale Orlando services to help homeowners who have no equity, who are facing foreclosure, or who are behind on payments. The realty firm is confident that their Orlando short sale services will be helpful for these people.

The owner of the company says, “We are sure that this service can help people who are not able to meet up with their mortgage payments or finding it difficult to afford their properties, but are willing to avoid foreclosure no matter whether they have a good or bad credit. We have hired specialists of short sales in Orlando and they can provide all such services that are required to prevent foreclosure. These specialists will also negotiate with the lenders on behalf of the clients in order to save their credit.”

The owner further elaborates about why they introduced this service. He said that one home goes into foreclosure in every 13 seconds and there is approximately 7,000 foreclosure filings taking place everyday. More than ten million people need help desperately as they are facing upside-down situation with their properties. Thus, it was important to introduce Orlando short sale services, he confirms.

An Orlando short sale specialist hired by the company says, “It is really excellent and the much-needed move by them. Many people over here are under real estate distress situation. We can negotiate on behalf of them with their lenders and even get the lenders to pay title fees, escrow and sales cost in most cases. It is a good business decision and the home owners will definitely get benefit.”

Despite of indications of recovering economy, the market of real estate housing is still under distress. This is the reason behind numerous homeowners are behind mortgages, according to CBS News. This further proves that service of short sale in Orlando is a good move by Orlando Realty Experts.

Roger Smith, a property owner in Orlando says, “This is a welcome move by the company. I will surely consult one of their short sale specialists soon.”

About the Company: Orlando Realty Experts offers real estate services in various Orlando locations. They are now introducing short sale services. For more details, visit their website http://www.orlandorealtyexperts.com/Orlando_Short_Sales.

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