Parents Group Says Thank You to Victor E. Acevedo for His Dedication of Helping the Community

25 JANUARY 2013
Victor E. Acevedo, award winning teacher, has positively changed the lives of hundreds of students and families over the last ten years!
Inner Community News – Several dozen parents packed into a crowded community center on the edge of an industrial part of the city to honor long-time teacher and community activist, Victor E. Acevedo.

In an emotional, warm, and jovial ceremony, parents showered the handsome teacher with hugs, kisses, and food, lots and lots of food. Victor E. Acevedo, who had been teaching for over twenty years and decided to build a small and private community center from the bottom up. He dove into the program full time after the original center closed and lots all of its funding. The 1500 square foot center is not small, but it’s not big either.

“Instead of shutting down the place, he grew and expanded his programs and his outreach,” Tomas, one of the parents said. “It’s amazing. He left everything to not let these kids down and he really had very little help.”

The community center was helping about 100 students a month. However, that number increased to nearly 400 students per month on the same budget. The difference? Parents say it’s Mr. Acevedo’s passion and dedication.

“My kids are learning here. He helps them with everything – school work, reading, and even talks to them about going to college. He works so hard,” said Maria, who has two children in his program. “I brought food for him to show him that I am so thankful. He is a saint.”

Mr. Acevedo thought he was going in to another day at the office, but was greeting by a crowd. When seeing the group of happy parents, he was confused. They clapped when he got out of his old 17 year old car. “He is loved by all these parents.”

Mr. Victor E. Acevedo started teaching as a substitute teacher but continued on to get his Master degree and started teaching full time. He partnered with several organizations to increase academic support for students to create a variety of tutoring programs, reading programs, and other college track programs. When the center lost funding, there were plenty of students searching for help. That’s when Mr. Acevedo really stepped up and continued.

“I am so honored for all of you to be here,” Mr. Acevedo said. “I hope that we can continue to work together to help this community. My goal is to see each of you kids in college.”

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