Vista Motorcycle Provides Insurance Repair Quotes - whether they do the work or not

25 JANUARY 2013
At Vista Motorcycle, we provide comprehensive insurance claim quotes, including a written estimate detailing the exact costs of repairs, both for parts and labor, prepared by a professional motorcycle mechanic.
With some 1.1 million motorcycles sold in 2012, according to statistics, the likelihood of having more motorcycle accidents, averaging around 104,000 annually, Vista Motorcycle is claiming this also will mean there will be an increased demand among motorcyclists looking for reliable motorcycle mechanic shops to repair damaged motorcycles.

"With an increase in demand for reliable motorcycle mechanics, there comes another problem, which is that many motorcycle repair shops usually shy away from motorcycle insurance claim quotes; some that do, only do so on the motorcyclist's promise to let the repair shop do the repairs," says a Vista Motorcycle spokesperson.

"The crux of the matter is that although it is relatively easy to find auto mechanics that are willing to provide an insurance claim quote for automobiles, the same cannot be said for insurance quotes involving motorcyclesā€¯ he adds.

How does one get around this problem?

The Vista Motorcycle spokesperson explains: "At Vista Motorcycle, we provide comprehensive insurance claim quotes for all makes and models of bikes, including a written quote detailing the exact costs of repairs, both for parts and labor, prepared by a professional service writer who is also a motorcycle mechanic. We know exactly what your insurance company wants to know, and we provide you with a document that you can simply pass along to them. If you prefer, we can work directly with your insurance company so you won't have to lift a finger."

What this means is Vista Motorcycle has effectively set itself apart from its competitors, because whether or not the motorcyclist decides to have them do the repair work, they will help the motorcyclist with his insurance claim, thus saving him precious time and money while drastically reducing the stress of an already stressful situation.

Outside of Vista Motorcycle, finding a mechanic shop in North San Diego County that provides this service without any strings attached is next to impossible, well, that is according to the company's spokesperson, who further claimed they are "one of the few local independent motorcycle repair shops in the area that will work on any kind of bike, even when the dealer turns you away."

The Vista Motorcycle spokesperson further notes their professional mechanics are experienced with all makes and models of motorcycles, including classic, vintage, and custom bikes, as well as scooters, dual sport, and dirt bikes.

"No matter what, we have you covered," the Vista Motorcycle spokesman assured. For further information, please contact Vista Motorcycle at 760-724-9258 or visit

For further information about motorcycle insurance claim quote, please visit the following web page: or call 760-724-9258.

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