TCM Adaptogen Discusses Health Benefits Of Pine Pollen & Announces Availability Of Pine Pollen Tablets


China, October 26, 2018 – There are a wide variety of plants, fruits etc available in our natural surroundings that can immensely benefit our health. Many people often don’t know about these natural products and keep searching for expensive medications to cure their ailments. China based TCM Adaptogen Warehouse is a leading provider of natural herbal extracts that can improve human health. The company now reveals the health benefits of pine pollen, which is the male sperm of  pine trees.


According to the spokesperson of the company, this fruit is packed with amazing nutritional ingredients, such as testosterone and also has an outstanding adaptogenic property. The company wild-crafts the pollen from the Yunnan province of China, which falls in the Himalayan region. Since the pollen is harvested from its natural production area, it has no pesticide residue or traces of heavy metals. Thus, it is ideal for human consumption with its natural and healthy ingredients only. The company uses the vibrant cell cracking technology for breaking the shell of the pollen, and impurities are removed using the airflow separation technique. This is the reason why one can rest assured of the highest degree of purity in the pine fruit extract supplied by the company.


The company supplies pine pollen powder for humans to consume it regularly and see healthy transformation in their body. The powder is extracted using scientific methods and supplied to customers after its microwave sterilization. Intact with all essential nutrients, the powder has no traces of heavy metals and is safe for the human consumption. The fine particles of the powder have a very high viscosity and low flowability and dissolve in water. With a strong bitter taste, the powder comes with the natural aroma of the pine tree. A regular consumption of this powder will prove very helpful in cases of high blood sugar, high blood pressure, chronic hepatitis and other diseases. It can also be used in the chemoradiotherapy for cancer patients.


According to the spokesperson, they now have started supplying the pine pollen tablet on people’s demand. These tablets are easy to store, carry and swallow in the right dosage, and are ideal for people who find handling its powder a little troublesome affair. The tablets contain 75% of pure cell-cracked powder of the pine fruit and 25% sacchrides. The tablets are lightly processed to maintain its nutritional ingredients and are convenient to swallow with an easy digestibility. The spokesperson maintains that the tablets do not contain any drying agents and preservatives and are all natural. The tablets can easily be consumed before meals, and which can help people with diabetes, high blood pressure and other chronic symptoms.

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