TCM Adaptogen Warehouse Co., Limited Discusses About Benefits Of Pine Pollen Powder & Tongkat Ali Extract In Improving Human Health

China, September 22, 2018 – No wonder herbal extracts have immense health benefits and are free from side effects. TCM Adaptogen specializes in a wide variety of natural herbal extracts that can be used to cure several types of diseases and can also improve immunity, energy level and the overall well being of human beings. The company focuses on procuring herbs from their natural habitat and adopts an advanced procedure to get the natural extracts from fruits, leaves, stems, roots and other plants of different plants. According to the spokesperson, they also grow some of the herbs in their own farms to ensure their natural growth with all potent ingredients.


Whether they grow herbs or source from other parties, they maintain the highest form of purity in all natural herbal extracts. They supply pine pollen powder with over 98% of purity. The pine fruit is collected from a vast pine forest, located in the mountain range and river valleys in Southwestern China. The spokesperson reveals that the pine fruit is gathered only once in a year when the time is the most opportune for these fruits to contain all natural ingredients to the highest extent. These fruits are then cracked using vibrating shell cracking machines. They then use the airflow separation technology to remove the impurities, and packing the powder in the sterilized containers. The powder thus obtained is pure enough to help people with diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic hepatitis and other diseases.


Besides the powder form, TCM Adaptogen Warehouse Co., Limited also supplies pine pollen tablets that are easy to consume and get the right dosage of the extract to witness fast and effective health benefits. The spokesperson reveals that the tablets are more convenient to carry along and swallow in a timely manner. This is the reason why they started supplying tablets that preserve all the nutritional ingredients of this natural herb. One can consume three tablets a day and can witness a significant boost in the testosterone level after just a few days.


Another great and natural testosterone booster the company can supply to its customers is the Tongkat ali extract. People often see a decline in the testosterone level with the growing age and feel low energy levels to do rigorous works. For all such people, TCM Adaptogen reveals benefits of the extract of Tongkat Ali, which is a tree natively grown in Malaysia. The company extracts natural medicine from the roots of this tree, which could be a very efficient energy enhancer for men. This plant extract contains bioactive ingredients which are an excellent libido enhancer for men. The company spokesperson recommends men to consume this natural extract on a regular basis to witness a dramatic surge in the energy levels.

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TCM Adaptogen Warehouse Co., Limited specializes in providing TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) herbal extract powders with the highest levels of customer satisfaction at the most reasonable prices. The company’s most featured products include pine pollen powder/tablet/extract/capsules, medical mushroom extracts (reishi, chaga, cordyceps, shiitake, maitake…), herbs to raise testosterone (horny goat weed, ginseng root, tongkat ali, sting nettle and our adaptogenic herbs (rhodiola rosea, gynostemma pentaphyllum, schisandra chinensis, astragalus root, he shou wu) etc.


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