Ok Bit Ltd Announces Investment Program With Instant Payment & Withdrawal With A Highly Promising Online Network

London, United Kingdom, August 26, 2018 – The financial trade market is full of uncertainties, while offers significant incomes at the same time. To earn from the trading of financial instruments, one needs to be vigilant all the time by keeping an eye on the market trends. This could be a tedious process for an average investor and may restrict him/her from earning huge underlying profits of the financial trades. Now, the solution is brought by Ok Bit Ltd. The company has designed an investment program, in which everyone can participate and they need not to learn the intricacies of the financial market trading.


According to the company spokesperson, they have created a network to make money that anyone can join with a minimum investment of $35. With such a small investment, one can gain significant profits every hour. Yes, Ok Bit Ltd offers hourly income to the members of its network. The spokesperson reveals that they make profits from the Bitcoin trading and bring huge income opportunity for all investors in their network. Since Bitcoin is traded twenty-four hours a day, one can see profit being added every hour to his/her account, whether it’s a day or a night. One can invest as much amount as they can afford to, and choose from different investment plans that promises different hourly income rates. The maximum hourly profit one can make is 25% for 30 hours.


When asked the spokesperson clarified that investors need not to learn anything about Bitcoin trading. The company has a team of Bitcoin trade experts who take all the pain of Bitcoin trading, and one just needs to open an account and deposit the minimum amount. Based on the plan chosen by an investor, he or she will receive instant payment every hour in his/her account. The spokesperson also clears it that one can withdraw the income from their account when they need it. The company allows an instant withdrawal and processes each payment without charging any fee. Besides, these regular investment plans, they also invite people to earn a referral commission of 3-10%, by simply referring new members to the network.


Ok Bit Ltd is offering a simple and affordable way to Earn Bitcoin. Since the value of Bitcoin is increasing day by day, it is getting expensive to invest in the digital currency for a common investor. With Ok Bit Ltd, everyone can now fulfill their dream of owning Bitcoin. The company is open to different deposit amounts, starting $35 only and allows investors to participate in the massive wealth creation mechanism of Bitcoin trading. For a minimum investment of $5000, one can earn up to 25% hourly for 30 hours, which could bring in unbelievable profits in a small period of time.

People who are enthusiastic about earning Bitcoin can open an account with Ok Bit Ltd by visiting the website https://okbithour.com/?ref=zxc10.



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Ok Bit Ltd focuses on regular investors, and helps them to use the ever-changing new cryptocurrency market of reverse investment with the help of Blockchain. The company has a team of highly qualified professionals who have in-depth knowledge of operations with cryptocurrencies and digital assets in general. The company aims at closing the gap between the part of the flow market and investors by making simple, clear payment plans and ensuring an established return on each investment by the discerning investors. 



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