'The Lurking Man'is the story of 'Cailean', an abusive alcoholic mother who is given a chance at redemption if she accepts Death's offer. The eternal struggle of good vs evil where faith and love conquers all. The film also explores the consequences of "CHOICES", and how consistently feeding the negative will consume us. Starring Maritza Brikisak (A life Lived), Daniel Lench (Patient Seven, Circle), Frank Krueger (The Darkness Descending) and Dorian Gregory (Charmed).

“Maritza Brikisak heads up a wonderfully varied and talented cast in The Lurking Man. Brikisak’s anguishing and tormented character, Cailean, is beautifully juxtaposed by the people around her who love and support her, even as she falls into darkness. Stand out performances by Dorian Gregory, Frank Krueger and Daniel Lench, drive home the powerful messages of the cost of self-inflicted torment and how the power of love can conquer all.” by C.R.

'The Lurking Man' is the adaptation of the Novel by Keith Rommel of the same name. The award winning script written by Maritza and Keith, completed an impressive festival run receiving 93 Awards, 48 Nominations and 13 screenings at Film Festivals across the US, Europe and Canada. Maritza is the Executive Producer, Co-Writer, Editor and lead actress, she contracted a company to shoot her film because she wanted to focus on her performance. Facebook: Official movie site: IMDb: Full length TRAILER (2:30):