Ankaka Announces The Unveiling of the A1 Travel Pillow

Every frequent traveler who has suffered from sore necks during in-flight naps has now been offered the perfect remedy. This is thanks to a recent announcement made by Ankaka. Ankaka recently announced the unveiling of the A1 Travel Pillow on Amazon. The Ankaka A1 Travel Pillow is designed and built to solve the major problem which often arises during in-transit napping i.e. the slumping of the head. This slump which is a consequence of the sitting position not only leads to discomfort but can also lead to sore necks and even neck injuries.

The Ankaka A1 features an ergonomic 4-leg design which holds both the head and neck in position. This lets someone lean back in a relaxed, comfortable position and sleep without the risk of their neck slumping. This totally eliminates the sore necks, strains and neck injuries associated with in-transit napping.

The A1's design leaves the neck area to the front open. This provides maximum ventilation to the user. As a result, the main complaint which travelers often have about travel pillows i.e. making them feel hot and sweaty is nonexistent. The

Ankaka A1 is built to pamper the user. The entire pillow is made out of soft memory foam. The crafting of the pillow uses a perfect blend of softness, firmness and consistency to ensure that even the most terrible sleepers enjoy maximum comfort. The pillow can be used on multiple positions (i.e. front, back, and sideways) to provide maximum flexibility for the traveler.

According to Ankaka, the A1 was purpose-built to meet the needs of travelers. It was designed in close consultation with frequent travelers and was thoroughly tested every step of the way. In fact, a review of popular travel pillows ranked the Ankaka A1 among the best on the market. The review is available on the following YouTube link . Ultimately, the Ankaka A1 Travel Pillow is the perfect product for a frequent traveler. Although purpose-built for air travel, it can be perfectly used on buses, trains, and other transportation means. The pillow is hypoallergenic, comes with a removable - machine washable cover, and is small, compact and easy to carry. 

Ankaka is currently offering a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, as well as a 5-year warranty to whoever purchases the A1 from Amazon. To place their purchases, travelers can visit

About Ankaka

Ankaka is a well established brand since 2010,which specializes in innovating, designing, and building ergonomic travel pillows. Ankaka's ultimate goal is for every traveler to enjoy maximum comfort and safety during their travels. Details of the company are available on its Travel Pillow website,


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