BTC Hour Ltd Launches A Btc Trade Platform For Its Members To Earn Every Hour Money From Bitcoin Trading

London, United Kingdom, August 18, 2018 – One can now participate in the Bitcoin trading program with an investment as small as just $25.  BTC Hour Ltd offers investment programs for its members to earn money from the huge speculations in the cryptocurrency markets. The company has a team of Bitcoin trading specialists who manage portfolios of the members on the Btc Hour platform and maximize their earnings through trading different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.


People who don’t have any idea of Bitcoin trading can take advantage of the investment program offered by this UK company. The company has created a safe and profitable investment proposition for all types of investors. One can take part in the investment program with a small investment of $25 or can even invest an amount of $50,000 and above. However, on the basis of the money invested, one can earn small or bigger profits from the Bitcoin trading. The company spokesperson states that their investment plans are designed to bring in significant earning for every investor. The financial trade experts of the company work day and night and closely monitor the trends in the cryptocurrency markets to make sure every investor’s money grows on an hourly basis.


According to the spokesperson, the specialty of their investment plan is that it allows members to earn the hour money that may not be possible through other types of investments. They ensure hourly income in the bracket range of 0.88% to 20% every hour. For an investment of a few thousands of dollars, one can earn huge money every hour. At the same time, one can also withdraw the earning to his/her account instantly. This way, an investor’s money will keep growing every hour and one can start building his/her fortune in a small period of time. Bitcoin is the fastest growing digital currency with its value multiplying very fast in the cryptocurrency market. This is the reason why Bitcoin trading promises a huge income for every investor or trader.


The spokesperson reveals that the BTC trade is not for everyone. For Bitcoin trading, one needs to have a sufficient amount of money and knowledge. It could be risky for an individual investor to jump into the trade without any knowledge and experience. However, BTC Hour Ltd simplifies the rules of Bitcoin trading by designing friendly investment plans for its members. One just needs to choose an investment plan according to the money he or she wants to invest in the digital currency. The professional team of the BTC Hour Ltd takes care of the money invested by the members and ensures their maximum profits minus any risk of losses.

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About BTC Hour Ltd


BTC Hour Ltd came into existence in 2007, following the rapid global growth of Bitcoin and associated cryptocurrency markets. As the investors’ ambitions grew, the company created a platform that matched their lofty expectations, serving them with the best returns in the market. They focus on the most traded digital currency – Bitcoin.


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