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For Immediate Press Release-16th August 2018, Baltimore, Maryland, USA-Life in the 21st century is incredibly fast-paced leaving the vast majority of people remarkably overstressed. Most men and women, representing the workforce find themselves hard-pressed when it comes to maintaining a rational balance between work and family life. It is this inability or powerlessness to strike equilibrium between the two abovementioned spheres of life that leads to stress. It can be interjected straightaway without mincing words that nowadays stress is an inevitable and hence inescapable aspect of an individual’s life. Nevertheless, there are several ways of mitigating stress, its unavoidability notwithstanding. One of the best ways of dealing with the tension or strain that comes with day-to-day existence is to stay physically active and be aware of how to maintain good health.


By clicking on the URL of HowTosTips, a visitor or net surfer is directed to the site almost instantaneously. The words How to Life Tips are emblazoned in bold light-green letters on the portal masthead above which a dark-green band keeps on displaying trending topics. Just beneath the tagline is a black-colored band that lists the distinct categories under which the diversified topics are grouped. The first listing is of course the ‘home page’ that is followed by the groupings, ‘Advice’, ‘Life Hacks’, ‘Cooking Tips’, ‘Video’, and ‘Health’.  The categories band is super-scribed by the words-‘useful life hacks, interesting cooking recipes, health tips, and how to advices’.


The home page of the How to Life Tips website highlights those posts under the different listings that garnered the maximum traffic. Clicking on the ‘view all’ tab or field appearing on the right hand side of a particular category enables a user or reader to see all the articles or posts classified under that listing. For instance, the field marked ‘life hacks’ which displays the most visited blog (11 female mistakes in the relationship) on the left side also catalogues 3-4 popular topics on the right. The themes visible at present are ‘proper storage of food’, ‘how to get rid of the symptoms of your aunt’, ‘apple vinegar for the face’, and ‘English verbs of movement and action’. 


The same procedure is to be followed for catching up with other blogs and posts grouped under the categories of cooking tips, advices, and health. Footage or video features in between the spacing of texts for most topics. The most popular posts are listed on the extreme right hand side of every webpage. The portal of How to Life Tips has a very down-to-earth, no-frills look without any pop-up ads and classifieds which could affect a visitor’s focus. The text is easily legible as the letters perfectly contrast against a white background and the language is simple as well.


About us

How to Life Tips site owned and administered by HowTosTips LLC, is dedicated to offering guidelines on health, cooking, and life hacks in the form of blogs. HowTosTips is a reputed and well-established site that has been helping its subscribers keep updated by providing how to life tips on various aspects of everyday living.