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For Immediate Press Release-16th August 16, 2018, USA - Mankind has always stressed on the significance of keeping oneself in the pink of health. That said, the necessity of following a disciplined lifestyle in order to stay fit and trim does not need to be overemphasized in this digital age where the majority is struggling to keep selves healthy. Youngsters and oldsters, regardless of caste, creed, religion, sex, and socioeconomic background are so caught up with trying to maintain work-life balance that it becomes increasingly difficult to stay in top form. No wonder then that more and more health-conscious people are making a beeline to physicians as well as joining fitness centers, gyms, and sports clubs. Nowadays, a significant proportion of the populace browses the net for staying updated on the myriad aspects of health. NewWomensMag is one popular magazine exclusively devoted to offering practical tips on health and hygiene to women.

NewWomensMag uploads and publishes blogs on women’s health under three distinct categories-‘fitness’, ‘health’, and ‘weight loss’ on a regular basis. The portal publishes blogs and posts on almost any and every conceivable health or fitness topic under the sun including but not limited to yoga, sports injuries, migraine, workouts, digestive issues, stress, and weight loss. A typical user or reader logging into the periodical’s site right now will be able to navigate through numerous topics on fitness, weight loss, and health which are trending. Some themes on fitness that the reader might be interested to go through include ‘Which yoga style suits me’, ‘take off with a swim’, and ‘slender belly with proper breathing instead of sit-ups.

Any casual visitor to the NewWomensMag portal may also be hooked on subject- matters like ‘workout exercises for the biceps’, ‘so digestive problems affect your workout’, and ‘gym: beware of contract’. Of course there are countless other topics that might arrest the attention of the visitor or reader that are listed on different web pages which are numbered serially. One can check out at a glance the various topics classified under the three categories in the home page. The themes visible on the home page are no less interesting-‘what brings movement in the mountains, ‘run motivation: so you will become a jogger’, ‘yoga exercises for menstrual pain’, ‘ten steps to a healthy gut’, and ‘sugar free life’.

Navigating through the NewWomensMag site is a breeze as the portal is incredibly user-friendly. The entire information has been presented in a manner that is not only easy to read but also engaging. The textual content is simple and easily understandable, the font type and size of characters are pretty legible. The masthead is prominent at the top of the webpage with the categories mentioned just underneath. Each and every topic is illustrated with a captivating image that titillates the reader to check out the details.

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NewWomensMag is an online publication dedicated to publishing and updating blogs and articles on women’s health. is slowly and surely turning out to be the go-to website for innumerable women either engaged as professionals or busy as housewives.