Korean Crypto Exchange adds Security from the Vault Foundation

August 10, 2018. Newlink Co Ltd, the Korean company that owns Cashierest.com, Korea’s 3rd largest cryptocurrency exchange, has a signed an agreement with The Vault Foundation(website: www.thevault.foundation), a Singapore-based security platform for the cryptocurrency sector.

The agreement will provide Cashierest with advanced fraud detection protection as well as a blanket anti-virus, malware, phishing and ransomeware protection for their member’s desktop and mobile devices.

The Vault Platform is the world’s first dedicated and comprehensive security solution for the crypto currency sector.

The Vault Platform provides a three tiered approach, an artificial intelligence-powered, Fraud Detection Solution, consumer application protection and a network consensus protocol. 

The benefits of the Vault platform include: protection by the early detection of abnormal transaction types or unusual or abnormal behavior whether from hardware devices, location or user behavior usage patterns. 

In addition, the Vault Foundation will provide Cashierest with blanket protection for all of its 2 million customers by adding security to its member’s application. 

Cashierest CEO, Jack Park said: “Security for our user’s is the most important priority for us. The Vault Platform is the most comprehensive security platform in the market today, it will make our transactions even faster, and their business partner strategy embraces the blockchain eco-system to ensure we are all winners.” 

Dannie Francis, CEO at The Vault Foundation said: “Cashierest has grown very fast since its launch in March 2018. Already Korea’s third-largest exchange, they have an excellent service and the security of the customers is their number one priority. We are honored to be their partner. The Vault Platform will give Cashierest customers, a level of security they can trust.”

 The Vault Foundation is the exclusive global reseller for INCA Internet, Korea’s leading software security solution provider for the finance and gaming sectors.

 On top of this comprehensive suite of solutions from INCA Internet, is the Vault’s AI-powered Fraud Detection Solution and Vault Consensus Protocol, providing a united consortium of companies with the aim of eliminating cyber crime and preventing hackers from attacking their members.

About NewLink Co Ltd:

Newlink owns and manages Cashierest,.com, a Korea’s 3rd largest crypto currency exchange and also, developing and supplying our own block chain solution based on P2P technology.

For more information about NewLink/Cashierest contact:

Sukhyun, Yoo (ysh@newlinkcorp.co.kr)


About The Vault Foundation:

TheVault Ltd manages the Vault Foundation, a Singapore registered business dedicated to making the crypto transactions and the storage of crypto assets safe, and delivering to the crypto currency sector – Security You Can Trust!


 For more information about the Vault Foundation contact:

Dannie Francis (dannie@theVAULT.foundation)