New Cryptocurrency Based Investment Platform Announces to Offer Lucrative Daily Income Opportunities for Online Investors

New South Wales, Australia – Every human on this earth wants to earn money fast to achieve richness. In the recent times, the digital world has opened up a new avenue for ambitious people to make money from Cryptocurrency trading. However, the entire gambit of Cryptocurrency could be very confusing for a common person. Yet, anyone can benefit from the emerging trend of Cryptocurrency trading and mining with the help of SuperBtc Ltd. The company has conceptualized a high-tech investment platform for people to make money fast, without the need of learning about digital currencies and their trading.

SuperBtc Ltd invites all online investors to take advantage of their progressive daily income scheme, which requires a small investment. According to the company spokesperson, they have different plans for investors, with a minimum investment of just $30. They trust paying to each and every investor on the basis of the amount invested by them. The starter plan offers up to 1.0% hourly for 120 hours, while a premium plan can guarantee up to 2.0% hourly for 70 hours. Bigger investors can choose their professional plan with 6% -10% hourly for 36 hours. At the same time, SuperBtc Ltd also has an unlimited plan with an unbelievable 25%-35% hourly for 20 hours.

The spokesperson maintains that they have designed the investment plans to suit the earning desires of the diverse group of investors on this earth. “We have schemes that are ideal for everyone, and they can multiply their money with the revolutionary trend of the Cryptocurrency trading and become super rich,” he states. With the growing e-commerce sector, the use of digital currencies is also increasing very fast. Cryptocurrencies use the cryptography technique, which ensures secure online transactions without a need of a bank as an intermediary. This speeds up the online payment process and also eliminates the transaction fees, charged by a bank or a payment gateway. Thus, Cryptocurrencies are the future, and anyone who starts investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum or other digital currencies could expect huge profits, without any doubt.

The spokesperson reveals that the SuperBtc Ltd investment platform is the result of an intensive endeavor coupled with their deep knowledge of the Cryptocurrencies. The platform offers a secure asset management by employing cutting-edge technology. All those who are well aware of the cryptocurrency markets and want to be an invest hero of this digital era can take advantage of the investment plans offered by SuperBtc Ltd. To know more about this promising and beneficial investment opportunity and to start investing money, one can visit the website


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SuperBtc Ltd is involved in financial activities related to Bitcoin trading and mining. The company has created an investment platform for investors to invest money and earn money fast. The company gains from Cryptocurrency trading and mining and passes on the earning to its investors.

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