SuperBTC Ltd Announces the Launch of Its Highly Anticipated BTC Investment Platform

SuperBtc Ltd, who recently hit the mark as the largest investment company, proudly announces the launch of their website, to the public. This is aimed at providing global investors with a convenient platform to participate and benefit from the rapidly growing cryptocurrency business. The website features investment plans/packages to accommodate flexibility as well as ensure an hourly profit for both new and existing investors which can be withdrawn at any time to a preferred processor.

 Undoubtedly, there are lots of individuals who are interested in cryptocurrencies, but they don’t know where to start or are rather afraid of the associated security risk. Consequently, SuperBtc Ltd has introduced their new website,, which features four investment packages to provide global investors with maximum flexibility. The packages which include; Starting plan, premium plan, professional and unlimited packages vary in their minimum starting or spend amounts. Generally, the scheme offers an hourly profit which depends on the size of investors’ unlimited deposits. The investment platform also features an instant withdrawal option for registered members to directly withdraw into their preferred payment processor accounts at low minimum withdrawal amounts.

In addition to the Bitcoin services, SuperBtc Ltd is also focusing their attention on other cryptocurrencies. However, the company currently accepts over 40 altcoins for exchange.  Super BTC members can sell dozens of other popular Bitcoin alternatives such as Monero, Dash, and Steem alongside Ethereum, Litecoin and more, with super bonus settling as US Dollars within their accounts.

The company has reiterated their commitment towards cooperating with online investors from all over the world in bitcoin trading as they have an experienced management team who will ensure high-profit potential. SuperBtc Ltd also provides support services as answers to questions regarding investing via the platform,

"We're very excited about and its features as it ranks as one of the best options for Bitcoin newbies who are ready to experiment with cryptocurrencies," says SuperBtc Ltd's CEO. "Our aim is to provide a worry-free way for our members to hold and exchange Bitcoin, so we developed this site and the services particularly for people who are interested in Bitcoin but are challenged by the seemingly associated poor technical knowledge and security risks."

Investors who are interested in knowing more about the company and their services are urged to visit their website on

About SuperBtc Ltd

SuperBtc Ltd is involved in financial activities related to Bitcoin trading and mining. Their services primarily focus on buying and selling of cryptocurrencies, in addition to choosing a wallet for both of them. The company also have their website,, which features a range of services such as news, various tools in addition to prospects for development which would guide investors in making the right decision.

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