JasonMould Industrial Company Limited Presents New Technologies and Equipment for Rapid Prototyping


JasonMould Industrial Company Limited is one of the best injection moulding manufacturers in China. The company was established in 2010 and its tools have been exported all over the world, mainly the USA, Europe, UK, and Japan.


One of JasonMould’s most popular services is rapid prototyping. Rapid prototyping service is a manufacturing technique that is used to create the 3D physical model of an idea. Many companies and industries need to see the real physical design before deciding to mass produce of a design or idea. With JasonMould’s service, companies don’t have to purchase their own tools and can focus their energy on perfecting the design of their products.

There are many advantages of rapid prototyping that makes it very popular among industries. Firstly, companies can show the real physical model of their design to their own clients and investors. By looking at the real product instead of just a concept, companies can directly see the flaws in the design and fix them immediately. It is supported by JasonMould Industrial Company Limited’s new equipment and technologies that are capable to turn even the most difficult design into reality with quality and precision. This plastic injection molding manufacturer is ready to take on any challenges to satisfy their clients. Besides prototyping, it also offers low-volume production at a very competitive price.


This company uses CNC machining services to manufacture its products. CNC machining is capable to produce higher quality, rapid prototypes both from plastic and metal. With tighter tolerance and better surface, so the prototype will be more durable and presentable as well.

JasonMould’s equipment has been certified with ISO 9001-2008 as the proof of the company’s quality. Furthermore, it also has one of the most sophisticated injection mould facilities in the country. It has an x38 range 40 Ton to 800 Ton injection machine that comes with robot and 1.8 ton plastic part daily capacity. It also has numerous services for metal machining parts to make sure the company is always able to provide the best service for its clients.


About JasonMould Industrial Company Limited

JasonMould Industrial Company Limited is a reputable injection moulding manufacturer in China that was founded in 2010. This company’s plastic mould is produced for various industries and purposes such as medical and safety equipment, monitoring system and even household appliances. The company is committed to providing the best products and service for its customers that come from all over the world.



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