Kingsoft Corporation Presents its Professional Services For Multple Platforms

China, 9th July 2018: Nowadays maximum people rely on technology. From the morning, every single person is depended upon technology in some way or the other. A primary example is a cell phone that is used by every single person as soon as they open their eyes. It is noticed that people are inclined to automation; they want to control every task with a single click. Therefore, with the increasing requirement, new organizations are developing with modern programs to suffice the needs of the people.      

People generally use MS Office in office and school, but there are some odd situations for the people to work on laptops or desktops. To reduce this harassment WPS office suite is created, it is available for Linux-based PCs, Windows, Android, and iOS. It allows people to save documents or make presentations anywhere they want.      

WPS Writer, WPS presentation, and WPS spreadsheet are the three main elements of WPS office. Apart from including all the features of MS office, it also has additional specialties to ease users work. People can make or edit presentations in some other site and save in this software easily. The WPS presentation has all the required tools to make captivating projects like colors, styles, shapes, tables also, it has more than 230 font designs, various templates, Word art text effects, etc. Users can also insert multimedia files like flash, audio, video in the presentation and advance them.    

WPS office offers free office suite; it is a low budget free productivity suite that consists of presentations, writer, PDF tools and spreadsheets to fulfill all the document requirements. The application is available in different languages like French, German, English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, etc. It also offers WPS cloud that allows sharing documents by links with a single click. Drag and Drop tool that helps to adjust paragraph naturally by merely moving mouse one can change the location, spacing and the indentation of the article. It also has other tools like navigation, templates and multiple documents tabs to make easier presentations.  

This software brings in the world’s best office experience to Linux. It is compatible with MS office and supports DOCX, XLSX, XLS, DOC, and PPT it saves documents as a PDF. office Linux is also compatible with CentOS, OpenSUSE, Fedora, Knoppix, Ubuntu, Mint and more. The software supports 32 & 64 bit systems; it easily creates tables, charts, graphs, etc. It has over ten different languages spell check. It is easily compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) and can make multiple open presentations in one window by using tabs.

About WPS office Software:

Kingsoft Corporation developed the WPS Office, and it is based in China. It is one of the chief providers of office software for mobile, PC and cloud users. It is a high performing, yet considerably affordable office software solution compared to Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.   The company has innumerable customers around the globe. Visit their official website to get more knowledge.  



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