Veda Hongkong Group Limited Presents Cutting Edge OEM Services for Leather Jewelries


Veda Hongkong Group Limited is a leading jewelry manufacturer in Hong Kong. It was founded in 2004 and it still maintains its position as one of the most trusted jewelry manufacturers in the world. One of its factories is based in Hong Kong and its clients come from all over the world.


This company is known for its remarkable OEM service. Whether it is a leather bracelet, stone necklaces, and even USB accessories, Veda Hongkong Group Limited is able to follow the client’s instructions and deliver the best result. This is because the company’s total production area reaches 4,000 square meters and also supported by 80 skillful production staff. To stay true to its commitment to producing the best jewelry, Veda Hongkong Group Limited also has more than 15 Quality Control staff and Research and Development staff who work tirelessly to come up with the latest invention and technology to support the company’s manufacturing process.

Besides leather necklaces and bracelets, this company is also capable to complete OEM/ODM orders on stainless steel jewelry. Clients can provide their own design or simply just come to Veda Hongkong Group Limited with a concept. Veda Hongkong Group Limited has more than ten experienced designers that are ready to present their best design and creation to the clients. To get the best raw materials, besides purchasing local products, the company also imports its materials from Thailand, Japan, and even Europe.


Veda Hongkong Group Limited takes the choice of materials very seriously for its leather jewelry. The company only uses genuine leather that is carefully stitched and crafted to produce the best texture and design. The same goes for the stone jewelry. To improve the look of the jewelry, only natural stone is used in the production. It is environmentally friendly, doesn’t cause any allergic reaction for human skin, very comfortable to wear and definitely perfect for any occasions.


About Veda Hongkong Group Limited


Veda Hongkong Group Limited is a Hong Kong based jewelry manufacturer that was established in 2004. It offers high-quality OEM service and it has served many global clients, mainly from the US and Europe. The company is able to produce over 200 new designs and more than one million products every month. With a very competitive price and the best products with the global standard, Veda has set its foot in the industry as one of the best jewelry producers in the world.


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