NJ Holistic Doctor Michael Rothman Explains Autonomic Dysfunction and Cancer

Wall, NJ, February 8, 2018 – The relationship between the Autonomic Nervous System and Cancer is one of the least discussed and potentially important aspects in the battle against cancer.

“Insulin, cortisol, and estrogen, are all prevalent substances in your body, and high levels of these can increase your risk of cancer. All of these hormones are associated with your parasympathetic nervous system. On the other hand, low levels of thyroid hormone, progesterone, and testosterone will also contribute to cancer. It just so happens that these three hormones are associated with your sympathetic nervous system,” Dr. Michael Rothman, New Jersey’s leading holistic physician, says in his article, Autonomic Dysfunction Series: Cancer.

Correcting autonomic nervous system (ANS) imbalances can be a significant contributor in allowing the body to heal itself. The weakened state of one’s body created by an off-balance ANS can create an environment where the body is not able to fend off cancer.

In the article, Dr. Rothman goes on to discuss the role of hormones, sugar, and even exercise in our risks of being diagnosed with cancer.

“If you wish to avoid cancer, you must eat the proper foods and engage in the proper activities to avoid the shift towards excessive parasympathetic tone in your autonomic nervous system. It is vital that you measure your levels of testosterone, progesterone, estrogen, cortisol, insulin and thyroid. If these hormones are at unhealthy, unbalanced levels, you will need to institute a program to bring you back to health and balance,” Dr. Rothman writes.


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