SST Heating Energy Co., Ltd Launches A Series of New Hot Water Cylinder Products


SST Heating Energy Co., Ltd is one of the best hot water cylinder manufacturers in China. To answer the increasing demands of high quality hot water cylinders and the tanks, the company launches a series of new products and projects related to hot water tanks. As of now, the products manufactured by this company include duplex stainless-steel water tank, electric water tank, mini tank, solar water tank, heat pump, buffer tank, heat recovery water tank, multifunction tank, and pressure tank.


Hot water tank products manufactured by this company have been used in various projects, not only in China, but also in other countries such as Australia, Thailand, Norway, USA, and Sweden. The products are also suitable for both commercial and residential use. SST Heating Energy Co., Ltd’s residential and commercial hot water tank has been used in various hotels, apartments, and households all over the world, proving its quality as a global brand. SST Heating Energy Co., Ltd also accepts OEM and ODM orders. Clients simply need to tell their requirement to the company and this hot water tank manufacturer will come up with the best solution for the clients’ needs.


Besides hot water cylinders, this company also known for its high quality heat pump water tank. This type of water tank is very popular for residential use, because of it’s energy efficient and comes with the simple installation. Users can install the set separately with the water tank indoor and the heat pump outdoor. This design enables the system to take outdoor air as a heat source, so it becomes very energy efficient. For another energy efficient water tank solution, SST Heating Energy Co., Ltd also offers a solar water tank that can be easily installed in various buildings from homes, hotels to schools and hospitals. By taking advantage of the solar energy, users can save on the electricity bills.


About SST Heating Energy Co., Ltd

SST Heating Energy Co., Ltd is a China based hot water cylinder and water tank manufacturer in China that was founded in 2006. Its vast experience and also excellent customer service makes this company becomes one of the most reputable stainless steel hot water tank manufacturers in China. Hot water cylinder is one of its main products, but SST Heating Energy Co., Ltd also known for its remarkable heat pump, solar collector, solar hot water system, electric heater tank and related accessories.


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