China Company Announces An Extensive Range Of Flexible LED Strips For Various Applications

Shenzhen, China -  Instead of using traditional incandescent bulbs, people have now started using LED lights that not only save energy, but are also adequately versatile to be used in different applications. China based Elstar Electronic produces LED strip lights that are easy, cost-effective as well as elegant for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The company’s flexible LED strip comes with a simple and elegant design, suitable for hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and other buildings. These strips can produce white light for lighting a place. The company also supplies changing color RGB strip lights that can be used for many outdoor applications to draw attention of the people. The spokesperson of the company reveals that they have a number of LED strip varieties in their stock, which can be used for different purposes.

According to the spokesperson, their 2835 LED strip is very popular among a diverse type of clients, including architects, designers, marketers and others. These LED strips can easily be used in an application due to their strong adhesive backing. One just needs to peel off the back of the strip and can stick it to any surface. Moreover, the strip is easy to cut into small sizes and can be used in an application as per the requirement. The strip also features a very high tolerance for an easy installation and a long-lasting and consistent performance.

Elstar Electronic banks on its 5050 LED strip lights, which are the upgraded version of their RGB strip lights. These are changing color LED strips, which can offer a wide range of color lighting options with their Red, Green and Blue color mixing option. More suitable for outdoor applications, these LED strips can simply draw the attention of the people with their colorful and vibrant lighting effect. Fitted with the 5050 LED chips, the strip can operate on 12V DC voltage.

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About Elstar Electronic Co., Ltd

Elstar Ltd is a High-Technology enterprise, which was established in 2009. The company specializes in flexible LED strip lighting. With 9 years experience, R&D team, QA management, high-speed SMT and production line, stable supply chain, and professional test machines, they provide high quality products to the users’ market. The company’s business network is extended to Europe, America, Russia and all around the world. Elstar is committed to increasing the use of LEDs in general lighting applications, thus helping customers to realize lower costs, while at the same time creating a safe environmental solution.

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