Osaka, JP – MANGA.TOKYO, the online anime and otaku portal operated by DONIKA Co, Ltd (location: Osaka, Japan), has released its first light novel, Shikigami Girl.


The novel is written by a group of Japanese anime and manga creators who have been involved in many famous works and who have come together under the name Honda-Na, especially for this project. They have created a dream-like story for fans of anime and manga all around the world. Each chapter contains homages to beloved anime and manga, and will teach the reader little interesting tidbits about Japanese life.


The first chapter was released on Monday 2 April and one chapter will be released each week. The novel is available for free on MANGA.TOKYO’s website.


The first voices requesting an anime adaptation can already be heard and there are also plans for original merchandise and ventures in other fields. MANGA.TOKYO is looking for partners to take part in Shikigami Girl’s media expansion. They can be contacted via the details down below.


Shikigami Girl Introduction


Modern-day Japan-

A country where advanced development intermingles with enigmatic traditions.

One night, an international student wonders into a small Shinto shrine in Tokyo, without realizing that it conceals an evil spirit. After accidentally releasing the spirit, it attacks him and takes away his identity. His very existence is about to be erased when a mysterious girl appears to rescue him.

Wearing an old-fashioned kimono, the girl commands 'Shikigami'- which appear to be origami animals which have a life of their own. Her name is Kuzuha Komyo and she is a Shikigami invoker of the Komyo clan, an honorable family who have been dedicating themselves to exorcising evil spirits since ancient times.

Thus our hero's tale with Kuzuha begins.




Title: Shikigami Girl Japanese Title: 式神少女, Shikigami Shoujo

Author: Honda-Na


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