Kuntai Machinery Supplies Die Cutting Machines And Lamination Machines With Newest Technology To Global Clients

China: Industrial Revolution introduced multiple types of machinery which helped the man. Nowadays, it plays a crucial role in business, development and many other things. It allows automation of work which means increased production and skillful work. Machines are used for mass production of different items as they maintain the uniformity. There days every production process demands precision manufacturing, and with the increasing demand, machine tools are getting improved.

Kuntai Machinery manufactures machinery used for cutting, laminating and their parts supply the die cutting, lamination machine, bronzing machines and produces various types of machinery parts. They are known to offers the most advanced manufacturing capabilities available. Their expert team believes when machine and humans work collectively to improve quality. It provides services not only to large multinationals but the small individual companies also. Their customer-centric service philosophy wins the trust of the customers worldwide.

The company pioneers in the production of leather touch machine or artificial leather/fabric bronzing machine. It is suitable for bronzing the synthetic leather, fabric, plastic skin, PVC, PU, silk knitting, cotton- hemp and many more. These machines are widely used in the garment industry, sofa industry, automotive interior and many more.  The standard width of the device is 1600- 3500 mm, heating roller diameter is 420mm and about 180 degrees. The diameter of the gel roller is 360mm, speed is 10-40m/min and estimated machine weight is 4000-8000 kg.   

Kuntai Machinery produces the technology improved machinery like PU curtain bronzing machine, multifunction PU artificial leather bronzing machine, sofa fabric bronzing machine, hot stamping machine and many more. These are ideal for laminating synthetic leather, plastic- skin, silk, knitting, etc. It uses the circulating air system; the blade rack can be adjusted and swing around, it adequately protects the blade and engraved roller and guarantees perfect tamping or bronzing effect. They produce best qualities for their worldwide clients.  Their bronzing machines have a hot sale in Turkey markets and Indian markets.

The company is also indulged in producing flame laminating machine; it is used to laminate foam with fabric, nonwoven or woven, synthetic or natural, knitted, plush, velvet, polar fleece, synthetic leather, etc. However, flame lamination is a process that joins materials to one side of the fire retardant foam or EVA, pass the EVA over a flame produced by a flare roller which creates a thin layer of sticky material o the surface of the EVA.  Then the material is quickly pressed against the EVA.   

About Kuntai Machinery:

Kuntai Machinery is an industry leader and continuously innovate practical solutions for the customers around the world. The company serves its clients as their best partner for high-end solutions and standard products. The organization has self-export capacity expands the overseas market. To know more, please visit their website or contact 24x7 customer cares.

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