Crossroads Animal Clinic in Houston Announces Cutting Edge Surgery Equipment for Pet’s Emergency Surgery

Houston, Texas, May 12, 2018 – For the Houston community, the best pet care as well as emergency surgery for pets are now available in Houston itself. With the state of the art surgical suite, full of advanced equipment, Crossroads Animal Clinic is capable of performing any kind of surgery that could be critical to save the life of a pet.

The clinic has a team of experienced doctors who have the expertise of using the most advanced surgical equipments to perform the most complicated kind of surgery for pets. They can even undertake the routine surgical procedures, such as dental cleaning, declaw, spay, neuter etc. There are also several kinds of specialized surgeries, including foreign body removal, eyelid surgeries, and others that can be performed in the clinic. The doctors in the clinic at first carry out a pre-anesthetic blood test to make sure that the pet can safely undergo the surgical procedure.

According to one of the doctors of the clinic, “pets too require emergency surgical treatments many times. We provide an immediate attention to pets that require an emergency surgery. During surgery, a pet is monitored by the technician as well as the veterinarian, ensuring the best care for your pet.” The clinic employs the best equipments for a pet’s surgery, and all health parameters are regularly monitored, before, during and after the surgery. In critical surgery cases, a pet is administered with the anesthesia, and other procedures, like ear plucking, nail trimming can be performed when the pet is under anesthesia.

Besides offering advanced surgical procedures for pets, the Clinic also offers preventive care that the pets need the most. The Clinic aims at screening the health conditions of pets on a regular basis to prevent the occurrence of some common ailments, such as urinary infections, intestinal worms and others. With a team of friendly vet technicians, Crossroads Animal Clinic makes sure that pets get the desired level of safe, comfortable and caring treatments in Houston itself.

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About Crossroads Animal Clinic

Crossroads Animal Clinic is a small animal veterinary hospital nestled in the heart of northwest Houston. The Clinic is conveniently located and offers a beautiful, award-winning facility, a team of caring compassionate pet lovers and a welcoming atmosphere for all pets and their owners. The clinic offers friendly and professional services to ensure a perfect pet healthcare in Houston.



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