TCM Adaptogen Now Introduces The Rare Black Ant Extract That Promotes Longevity & Durability In Men

China – Men always want the horsepower to perform like a lion while in the bed with their partner. But in the modern times, due to stress and other reasons, many men fail to perform to the best to their strength to satisfy their partners. For all such men, TCM Adaptogen now comes up with a magical formula. It is the extract of “Xuan ju” edible ants for improving the energy and stamina that people in China have been used since ancient times.

According to the spokesperson of the company, “Xuan ju” in Chinese literally means “Black horse”, and these edible ants give men power like a horse. Widely used in the Chinese medicine for ages, the black ant extract is now available with them for the global supply. Research has proved that the chemical composition of these ants comprises of amino acids, vitamins and minerals that boost the health and energy levels of men. More importantly, it has a significant amount of zinc that can dramatically improve the sexual potential of humans.

Besides this powerful ant extract, they also have the Tongkat ali extract to boost the testosterone levels in male for their high energy physical functions. This herbal medicine, extracted from a tree, contains anti-oxidants and is a natural energy enhancer. Besides increasing the physical power, it also helps in improving the mental alertness in both men and women. TCM Adaptogen supplies the extract for aging people to help maintain a youthful testosterone level to enjoy the desired sensual pleasure without any compromise. The low level of testosterone may result in several other complications, such as heart diseases, prostate cancer, dementia etc.

Recently, the company has introduced the pine pollen tablet for people to enjoy the medicinal benefits of this herbal extract. Besides, they also have the pine pollen powder extracted from the raw pine pollen harvested in the vast pine forests. This herbal powder can have several health benefits, such as tonifying the spleen, eliminating inner wind, used for infant eczema and others.

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