Inno Molding Declares The Manufacturing And Distribution Of Customize Plastic Injection Molded Components To Institutional Customers

Shenzhen, China-A good number of products that are used all over the world have been manufactured by harnessing plastic injection molding technology. It is not possible to list all such products in this PR but surely some of them can be enumerated including knobs, dustbins, bottles, toys, automotive parts, medical equipment components, and switchboards. Why is injection molding technology so popular throughout the world? For a start, this manufacturing method facilitates the creation of mold components that fit perfectly into the units they were designed for in the first place. Secondly, the manufacturer can process bulk orders for the same product repeatedly without having to redesign the component all over again. Quite significantly, the technique allows the use of automation that lets the manufacturer or designer turn out precision components by investing limited amount of time and money. Inno Molding is one such plastic mold company that processes orders on behalf of customers both small and turnkey.

The plastic mould making enterprise was established in the year 1996 in the metropolis of Shenzhen. Inno Molding has over the years, accomplished a high degree of specialization in product prototyping and engineering on a mass scale. Producing in bulk lets the company keep the costs and hence prices it charges to customers remarkably competitive without compromising on the quality front. The enterprise has a huge factory complex where a total of 30 precision injection molding machines are installed. The machinery is operated by mold toolmakers and molding professionals. The firm also engages an extremely skilled and experienced R&D team that focuses on coming up with versatile molding techniques which ultimately helps in the designing of superior components and products.

This plastic injection molding manufacturer employs highly proficient engineers that cooperate with the rest of the employees on aspects including quality control, packaging, and transshipment. Inno Molding creates mold components from a diverse variety of plastic materials including PC, ABS, silicone, TPR, TPE, TPU, PSU, PA, PBT, PE, PP, POM, and PMMA. The molded components are used in different industrial/commercial segments like automotive, healthcare, consumer electronics, aeronautical, home appliances, and so on. This Chinese firm, by virtue of its extensive experience, is able to create the most complex of plastic molded parts for a wide gamut of industries without compromising on quality.

The plastic mold company happens to be an ISO9001-2008 and ISO14001-2004 accredited establishment is fully trusted by its clients worldwide. Each and every project is handled deftly by a professional team comprising of project engineers, project managers, quality control managers, shipping managers, and QC inspectors. Following the processing of the orders they are securely packed using PP bag, PET blisters, and strong transparent sheets that serve as buffers. Master cartons are used for packing plastic and semi-plastic components. A quality analyst (QA) makes thorough quality control checks before the packages are shipped to their final destinations.

About Inno Molding Company Limited

Inno Molding Company Limited is a 22-year old Chinese plastic injection molding company that has been catering to the needs of institutional clients engaged in different industries. In order to know more about the company checkout the website mentioned above.       

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