Austin locksmith makes commitment to residents by offering 24 hour services


Austin, Texas | March 20, 2018 – The well known and popular locksmith company Pro's On Call has made an announcement that they will now be keeping their doors open 24 hours to suit the needs of late night locksmith calls. This is in response to the high influx of phone calls that keep coming into their locksmith business at late hours of the night.


In a statement to press the marketing manager Dale Bills had this to say; “Our company has been growing steadily for the past 5 years. The reason why we have been able to grow our Austin Locksmith business like we have been able to is by meeting the demands of the residents of Austin in every way possible.”


The marketing manager continued on by saying; “When we notice a new vehicle that needs transponder keys we go out and get the tools to be able to offer that service. And the same goes for our new 24 hour locksmith services. We noticed a huge demand for customers calling us late into the night so we created our new 24 hour locksmith services to meet the demand.”


Pro's On Call will be offering all of their locksmith services on a 24 hour bases. This includes their residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services. Now it will be easier than every for Austin residents to get the locksmith services that they need.


“The goal is to always be able to provide a service where it is needed most. And for this particular situation people need locksmith services most late in the night. Now Austin and Texas will be rescued no matter what.” The media manager concluded.


Interested persons are advised to visit their website so that they can learn more. The companies contact information can be found below.


About Pros On Call:

Pros On Call LLC is a locksmith company that has been in Austin for over a decade assisting motorists and property owners with locksmith needs. The company makes keys, unlocks car doors and installs new locks on homes and commercial businesses.


For Media Contact:


Address: D201, 111 W Anderson Ln

Austin, TX 78752

Phone: (888) 601-6005