Now one can compare best energy suppliers in the Netherlands and can save up to 350 Euros a year

The Netherlands, April 5, 2018 – Since 2004, the energy market in the Netherlands is free and suppliers can fix their own energy tariffs. This is the reason why different energy suppliers offer different energy prices in the country. However, consumers can choose the best energy supplier and can take advantage from the competition among the suppliers. Nog Veel Minder Energie Makelaar has been designed as an energy contract comparison platform for consumers to choose the most cost-effective energy supplier in the Netherlands.

The website offers a comparison tool for a household to find out the most economical energy supplier in the country. By comparing energy prices, a homeowner can save hundreds of Euros every year on his/her energy bills. According to the spokesperson of the energy price comparison website, one can save up to 350 Euros annually because of the best rates and discounts available from different energy suppliers in the Netherlands. The spokesperson maintains that they offer 100% independent comparison, allowing consumers to benefit from the competition in the energy market.

The spokesperson reveals that one can find out the best energy prices for their household in just a few clicks. One can check the energy consumption in his/her existing contract and can discover the best prices from different suppliers by simply entering the zip code of his/her area. By choosing the cheapest energy supplier from the area on the basis of the per unit prices, one can find out the monthly or annual energy bill based on the energy consumption pattern of the household. This will give them an idea about the money they can save each year by switching their energy supplier.

Besides helping to choose the best energy supplier in the area, the website also allows picking between gray energy and green energy. The spokesperson reveals that a consumer can compare energy prices every year and can switch to a new supplier after the termination of the old energy contract. One is free to choose a new energy provider each year and keep saving money without any trouble. To compare energy prices, one can visit the website

About Nog Veel Minder Energie Makelaar

 Nog Veel Minder Energie Makelaar is 100% independent online platform that allows comparing energy prices from different suppliers in the Netherlands. The website makes the task of energy comparison and transfer simple and effortless for consumers to save money from the competition between different energy suppliers in the market.

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