Crypto Poker Club to Launch the Next Generation Cyrptocurrency Online Poker Platform Powered by Bitcoin & Ethereum

April 7, 2018 – With an objective of revolutionizing the game of poker, Crypto Poker Club is going to launch the next generation online poker game that is built on the Blockchain technology, and powered by the popular cryptocurrencies of Bitcoin and Ethereum. The most profitable Crypto Poker game comes with a pre-launch offer of 50% bonus, while one could be lucky enough to receive up to 100% rakeback bonuses as well.

According to the spokesperson, the Blockchain Poker will empower poker players worldwide through the blockchain technology and will improve the poker gaming in many factors. Besides, players will stand a chance to win huge cash bonuses and will take advantage of the rakeback rewards programs. The spokesperson maintains that the online poker will now become more exciting as well as more rewarding with the introduction of the Cryptocurrency games. In comparison to traditional online poker games, the profit earned in terms of Bitcoin and Ethereum will grow exponentially for players.

  Besides using the Blockchain technology, the club incorporates several other innovative technologies in this Bitcoin Poker, including the new card shuffling (RNG) techniques and player transparency through Cryptocurrency. The use of these new technologies not only enhances the gaming experience, but also makes the gaming platform more secure for players.

The spokesperson reveals that with their online poker with cryptocurrency, they have addressed several issues of the traditional poker games, such as slow withdrawals, badbeats, strenuous verification process, unnecessary restrictions, and lower rakebacks and so on. Thus, the Ethereum Poker platform aims at improving the gaming infrastructure for players by eliminating all limitations that the old technologies are often criticized for. Optimized with the latest technology, this new platform allows players to play poker online with more fun and a better earning opportunity.

With its Crypto Casino, the Club endeavors to make games fairer and more efficient with the benefits of world-class rewards programs. One can learn more about this Blockchain based online casino and can take advantage of the pre-launch bonus by visiting the website


About Crypto Poker Club

The Club introduces the next generation poker game and network that runs purely on the Blockchain Technology. Using Blockchain and other latest technologies, they have fixed many issues that come with traditional online poker games. Aside from a better game, every bit of Bitcoin and Ethereum profit made on the tables of the Crypto Casino will be worth exponentially more in the near future.


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