Inno Molding Company Limited Offers Trustworthy Plastic Injection Molding Service With Existing Industry Standards

China : Most ordinary people could not ever imagine in their wildest dreams how many polymer derivatives they use in their daily lives. Those plastic-made items; such as, handle grips of coffee mugs, shirt buttons, MCB levers for the electrical industry, electro-mechanical gears and shafts inside cars, etc. are made using a production engineering technique known as injection molding. The most significant advantage of this method is that large quantities of exact replicas of any required component can be produced in a consistent manner to achieve economies of scale. Computer controlled industrial grade devices continuously maintain the required temperature, so that plastic pellets melt and become formless as well as sticky. That viscous liquid is then poured by robotic hands in pre-fabricated molds (called casts if the material is molten metal) under a pressurized environment. Among all the Chinese plastic molding companies, Inno Molding Company Limited is the most reputed and has a whopping twenty years of valuable experience in this trade.

They are a niche injection plastic mold company who relentlessly reformed and upgraded their expertise and machinery every year since the very beginning. Printer parts, body housing, ring case, socket cover, mainframe, electronic album, gearbox, vibrator tank,  plastic worm gear, iron cover, automotive mold, overmolded bearing are some of their high-quality product offerings. They have a large mold tool workshop, spread over an area of around 3,500 square feet, and happily catering and promptly adjusting to the ever-changing requirements of all the core as well as the sunshine industries; namely, medical, consumer electronics, aerospace, automobile, information technology and household goods. Highly experienced project managers, senior design engineers, skilled assembly line workers and quality assurance analysts; they all form the 120-member in-house team.

Being a trustworthy plastic injection molding service provider, they make sure that all the finished products adhere to the existing industry standards prescribed by HEB, STRACK, OPITZ, HASCO, and DME. At present, the production facility is capable of manufacturing sixty molds per month, which they plan to increase very soon. The injection and plastic deliverables are sold to global customers; including those who seek quotes from remote locations like Australia, USA, Germany, Russia, Canada, UK and numerous other far-flung high and medium-income nations.

Inno Molding Company Limited has a rich and enviable array of state-of-the-art mechatronic injection molding machines as well as cutting-edge automated quality control hardware and software mechanisms in place. Their equipment is imported from USA, Germany, and Switzerland and churns out world-class injection molded and other varieties of plastic products for their global clientele. They also offer other associated utility services like metal fabrication, product design and prototyping, product assembling, product management, tamper, and shockproof packaging and global shipping facilities.  One interesting and noteworthy fact of Inno Molding Company Limited is that they provide live status and updates of ongoing projects, so that their clients can track everything online and in real time from any corner of the world, and can instantaneously revert with design modifications if needed at all. This weekly project report covers all necessary and essential factors including elements of the milestone, expenses, and overheads, as well as timelines.


About Inno Molding Company Limited:

Inno Molding Company Limited is the most famous injection molding manufacturer in China. Their large factory makes premium quality injection molded and other types of plastic components throughout the year.

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