RUNSOM Precision Co.,Ltd Manufactures Precision Machined Parts & Custom CNC Parts From 2005

GuangMing District, Shenzhen, China-For over 13 years, RUNSOM Precision Co.,Ltd has been engaged in wholeheartedly producing a wide range of high-precision and personalized machining components, including precision CNC milling parts. This manufacturing organization has gained extensive experienced and a high degree of specialization in producing and servicing CNC machined components, customized machined parts, die casting parts, injecting molding components, and so on. By consistently fabricating components and parts in tune with customers’ specifications, the company has been able to entrench its reputation in the CNC machined components industry. The organization is in a position and has the infrastructure to furnish the complete bouquet of services, starting from conceptualization to actualization. Since the day Runsom Precision starting its business, the firm has been effective in extending full-fledged support to enterprises involved in heavy engineering industrial segment that need to keep production costs low without overrunning deadlines.

The precision CNC milling parts that Runsom Precision fabricates are the most widely used components harnessed in the machining procedure. The process entails doing away with the material from a milling piece through the application of rotary cutters. The CNC milling machines are usually categorized by the total number of turning axes they have. Horizontal lines are termed as X and Y-axes while the vertical rotary axis is known as Z. Most of the standardized milling machines are equipped with X, Y, and Z axes. However, nowadays, some milling machines come equipped with 5 or 6 axes that prove instrumental in turning out components with a greater degree of complexity. Runsom Precision takes immense pride in announcing that it has a large factory with the appropriate set-up for manufacturing CNC machining parts exactly according to customers’ specifications.

RUNSOM Precision Co.,Ltd has come to acquire a high level of expertise in CNC turning work as well. This specific machining process entails installing a roundish or circular piece within a pitch or fling and then chipping away at the same by turning it in order to end up with the required finish. This procedure basically involves Swiss turning, CNC lathing or turning, and automatic turning machining and comes in handy for churning out small or minute parts that call for precise finishing. Such components make their way into office equipment, smartphones, lighting fixtures and installations, automobile parts, optical gadgets, medical devices, and much more.

The Shenzhen-based CNC machining outfit has also been specializing in an eclectic array of personalized or customized machining services for over a decade. Employees at the company have garnered widespread experience in advancing precision and prototype machining services with a fast turnaround. Integrated bespoke services extended under this category include producing custom CNC parts, automatic lathing, multi-axis milling and turning, and CNC turning.

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Since 2005, RUNSOM Precision Co.,Ltd has focused on proffering a diverse range of CNC machining services to companies engaged in the heavy engineering sector.  

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