Sinoray Metal Products Co., Ltd Announces OEM Services For Global Companies To Offer Them Custom Made Steel Lockers & Metal Stamping Parts

Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China – Companies from around the world can now get all types of metal lockers with custom designs from China based Sinoray Metal Products Co., Ltd. The company announces to offer OEM services for their clients and can supply metal lockers with safe and robust features. These lockers can be used for a variety of purposes and are designed to safeguard important objects of the owners.

According to the company spokesperson, they offer a wide range of Steel Lockers and are also open to customize the design and other features of a locker as per a client’s request. They have laundry lockers, classic lockers, see-through lockers, stadium lockers and other varieties. Constructed with solid and thick gauge steel, these lockers are very strong and durable. With lead-free enamel finish, one can choose metal lockers available in various colors.

The company also deals in Metal Stamping parts with the capability of supplying all types of metal boxes and products made from the sheet metal. With a team of experienced engineers and technicians, the company can design custom-made stamping parts to suit different requirements of various industries. The spokesperson maintains that they can provide low-cost and high quality metal stamping with a flawless finish and smooth surfaces. They can complete the custom metal stamping projects for clients in a timely manner and with great efficiency.

Sinoray Metal Products Co., Ltd specializes in Metal fabrication and can supply a spectacular range of sheet metal parts and sheet metal products for different industries. The company has a series of machinery and equipment to carry out all types of fabrication work and design sheet metal products that can precisely meet the client’s specification. All these fabricated products of metal are robust and of great quality to last longer. With the best kind of surface treatment and the finishing applied, the metal parts remain free from corrosion for years.

One can check the different types of metal lockers and metal parts the company can supply by visiting their website

About Sinoray Metal Products Co., Ltd

Sinoray Metal Products Co., Ltd is China’s one of the leading manufacturers of steel lockers, metal cabinets and all kinds of Metal Processing (stamping parts and fabrication parts). They offer good-quality products at competitive prices. The company endeavors to make each customer successful by providing them the value that exceeds price and a one-to-one service experience. They offer superior designs, the broadest range of quality products in the industry, and state-of-the-art manufacturing to ensure they provide everything whatever their customers need and whenever they need it.

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