TrustyHour Ltd Launches A Trustworthy And Safe Portal For Digital Currency Transactions For Global Investors

Provo, Utah-The realm of cryptocurrency is going through an experimental phase where the different digital currencies like Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethererum are experiencing ‘ups’ & ‘downs’ phases. Many traders and entrepreneurs after witnessing many others jumping on the cryptocurrency bandwagon are becoming desperate to get their dollars, deutsche marks or Euros exchanged into Bitcoins or Altcoins.

Nevertheless, for any trader who wishes to trade in or with cryptocurrencies first have to sign up with an online trading exchange or open an account in the first place. Since, the web-based market for cryptocurrencies has gone through several vicissitudes and downturns, resulting in numerous exchanges closing down following bankruptcy, investors who have already burned their hands and first-time traders are wary about exchanging digital currencies. TrustyHour Ltd is one cryptocurrency platform that makes trust payment by the hour following investment by the trader.

TrustyHour Ltd also assures subscribers transacting on their platform that their trust deposit is completely safe. The site uses CloudFlare software developed by a DDoS (distributed denial of service) specialist which ensures that an attack launched by illegal hackers which targets several computers or servers is nullified. Anybody has the liberty to register with Trusty Hour as the site imposes no restrictions on any trader or investor regardless of wherever he or she is residing. Each and every participant can open up only a single account and if the party attempts to sign up for multiple accounts, all such accounts bar one will be closed automatically. For investing, the trader will just have to log into his or her account, click on ‘make an investment’, specify the amount to be deposited, choose a suitable payment system and forward the payment.

The website gives its word that once an investor or trader opens an account with the site and starts trading skillfully, he or she stands to receive trust instant payments by the hour. Presently, the site is dealing with Bitcoin and has collaborations with some trading exchanges like CoinBase, SuperChange, Xmlgold, Okcoin, and Changer that the trader will find quite beneficial. The minimum amount that a trader is required to invest is US$10 while the maximum amount one can invest is 1, 000,000 USD.

TrustyHour Ltd also ensures all those who subscribe to this cryptocurrency trading site that all trust deposit will be reflected in subscribers’ accounts almost instantaneously. In the event a transfer transaction is not visible in the account after 8 hours have elapsed, the account holder is requested to get in touch with customer service & support. The support staff will see to it that the deposit is credited manually. This digital currency trading site also wishes to inform all present and future traders signing up with the platform that they will be able to exchange Bitcoins with USD and vice versa.

About TrustyHour Ltd

TrustyHour Ltd is an approved and established site that enables one and all to trade in/with crypto currencies on its platform. In order to know more about the company checkout the above mentioned website.

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