Professional and trained massage therapists reach out to promote a healthy mind and body


Toronto, Canada, Feb 20- Your House Clinic provides a soothing and personalised massage therapy to the residents of Toronto. The massages are provided by registered and insured massage therapists. They are well-trained professional massagers who have magic massage hands. They know how to relax the body of the customers.

Your House Clinic massage therapists customize their massage sessions for individuals to address their needs. Individuals feel relaxed and they are able to improve their mental outlook. The techniques and methods they use for the massage therapy calm the nerves and reduce tensions and stresses of daily life.

Massage therapy is growing in demand and gaining popularity. More and more people are aware of the health benefits of massage. There are a wide range of benefits of a massage therapy. A good massage done by a trained therapist provides relief to people of all walks of life. From the over-stressed business man, to the injured athlete, from the pregnant woman, to the over burdened houseful, everyone is able to accomplish soothing muscles with a relaxing massage.

Having a regular massage promotes relaxation and stability. It is no surprise that having a massage from a trained professional soothes the mind and body. Your House Clinic has been designed for the people living in Toronto to provide the most satisfying experience of relaxation.

You House Clinic are a studio which believes in striving to help people calm their nerves and establish a positive level of health and mental outlook.  There are a wide variety of massages the studio provides which are Swedish massage, pre and post natal pregnancy massage, sports massage, infant massage, sports massage, trigger point massage, deep tissue massage, soft tissue massage, relaxation massage, lympathic drainage massage. Individuals can choose anyone of them according to their needs. The time duration for each massage is 45 minutes, 60 minutes and 90minutes.

Rachelle who is one of the founders of Your House Clinic believes in helping people achieve their health whether they are recovering from an injury or a surgery. She has provided her massaging facilities to a number of athletes, moms and infants. Kendra Chaplin, her partner, is aware of the human body very well, she knows all the trigger points to relax an individual. She encourages clients to seek soothing treatment for a healthy life.

Your House Clinic uses the theme “ Escape the city grind”. The massage therapy facilities provided by the professional and trained therapists help tired and stressed out individuals to unwind the daily tensions and fatigue of life.

About Your House Clinic was established by two experienced massage therapists. The founders of Your House Clinic Massage Studio are Rachelle Neron and Kendra Chaplin. They are both registered massage therapists who joined their hands together to promote well-being and improve the quality of life of people by offering them the most soothing massage in their studio. Rachelle and Kendra are both members of Collage of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO) and Registered Massage Therapy Association of Ontario (RMTAO).