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26, January 2018: When we hear about the term psychiatry or when we come across any psychiatrists, we do have a little idea about what it is all about. In very simple words, the term psychiatrist means “medical experts that specialize in treating the mental disorders such as schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, and so many more. These professionals are known to undergo extensive medical education along with the practical training before they get certification of their profession. We all are aware of the fact that psychiatrists are specialized to treat the mental disorders. Most of the times, we see doctors of medicine treating their patients following a set of principles that they learn during their studies. It implies that same diseases have the same treatments. Psychiatrists deviate from these phenomena. They follow the theories that have been developed by the neurologists to facilitate their treatments. This is the reason why their methods of treatment differ from one another. It should be well kept in mind that though methods may be changed, end goal of therapies is to change the way the patient thinks.

These professionals are responsible for adjusting, prescribing, and discontinuing the psychiatric medications. However, these drugs need to be used very carefully because of several multiple reasons. They effect after a while and hence constant monitoring is needed. Also these medications have numerous side effects and some of these can turn out to be irreversible. Therefore, once again this is the reason why psychiatrists follow several sessions with the patients in order to ensure that the patient is safe and secure.

It has been long that we see these professionals getting out of their professional settings and have accessed areas where their services are actually needed, for instance to facilitate the criminal cases when the judgment is under question. They serve their professional services to the investigating body in order to understand the thinking of the criminals and help the court and relevant authorities in knowing the mental condition of the criminal. In this way the picture becomes clear if the person is mentally stable or he has done the crime under certain mental condition.

No doubt mental disorders are challenging to be treated and require a lot of efforts and patience from both the ends. Most of the times; we see these professionals claiming that people do not visit them even when their brain is sick. However, we all know that people attach stigma to visiting a psychiatrist indeed. Being a student of psychiatry you need to see that you have enough patient education to offer ultimate solution to the mental disorder for the subject under consideration. Open Source Psychology will lend you hand in this regards in every possible manner.

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